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We’re committed to seeing God work through us to make a real difference for real people living in the real world.


This page is for those who want to help us as we reach out to the world around us with the message of life in Christ. But understand, if it makes you mad that a link is here—don’t press it.


Our mission is to build and equip disciples who will change their world for Christ so that God will be glorified and people will know Jesus. We send missionaries. We support local ministries for people who are homeless, hungry, and in need. We believe the gospel of Jesus changes lives spiritually and eternally, but also in the here and now.

  • Can’t make it to church this week? This link is for you.

  • Feeling led to support us? Here ya go.

  • Want to automate your recurring giving? This is the place.

  • Believe you can make a real difference in real lives with your money? Yeah, we do, too.

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