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Treadmills and Towers

From Brian's Facebook Post, 2014:

Man’s religion produces treadmills and towers. I keep running and can never get there. Always feeling guilty and it’s never enough. Or…I think I’m better than everyone else and I get to look down on and judge the unwashed masses.

Christ-centered faith unplugs the treadmills and burns the towers. I’m not worthy. I’m not better than. I don’t get to look down on everyone else. My best, my righteousness, my goodness nailed Christ to a cross and laughed as he bled out, naked and suffering. Who the frigg am I to look down on you? That’s self-delusion at it’s finest. It’s…man-centered religion.

But even though I’m not worthy, I accept that Christ ALONE is my worth. He is my value. He is my righteousness. So I no longer run the treadmill of guilt and shame, trying desperately to change my behavior. Rather, I trust him and, as I follow, he changes me from the inside out. Guilt is gone. Shame is dead. There’s no condemnation for his children. Our sins are taken away.

Unplug the treadmill- you’re getting nowhere. And you never will trying with self-effort to modify your behavior. Burn your tower. Who do you think you are, that you can look down on everyone else? Jesus. That’s the answer. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else. Solus Christus!

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