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Wisdom and Decisions in the Moment...


Never make a major, life-altering decision when you are really up or really down.

There is almost nothing that is so important you have to make that decision right that moment. Even the non life-changing ones. I was psyched that I was getting a special deal on a car. But I had to act right that moment. Others were interested and the salesman said I wouldn’t get the same deal if we left and came back. That kind of pressure and manipulation is almost always a red flag to me. I left and prayed about it. Didn’t feel peace. Went back by and the salesman said he would still give me the deal as a special favor to me because he liked me. I walked. About a month later I found the same vehicle for far less money with less miles and in better condition. And I later heard horror stories about how this company hid defects and messed people over.

A friend committed suicide while he was still fairly young. He was depressed and had been considering it for quite a while. If only he had known how much better it would get. How it wouldn’t always be like this. What life had for him. But he made a decision he can never take back.

Never make major, life-altering decisions when you are really up or really down. If the person needing the answer is not willing to allow you to take the time to pray and consider, walk away.


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